Time flies when you are busy!  Well that is not how the saying goes but it is equally true.  I love getting out in the woods in the Fall to leave the busyness behind for a while.  People think I am deer hunting but if you could see through my eyes you would see so many different kinds of birds, fliting, flying, hopping and generally doing what birds do.  The spiders are busy with their webs and will be doing their house cleaning early in the morning to remove debris which has collected in the web overnight.  I find this all very fascinating and therapeutic.  Many times we don’t pay attention to the little things around us and miss what God is doing because we can’t get our focus off the big and pressing things we have to deal with.

The Summer has passed so quickly that I am not sure what all transpired.  The biggest thing was of course the big EAA event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in July.  16 organizations displayed in the IAMA tent and represented mission aviation very well.  Much interaction occurred between the public which was being informed about mission aviation as well as collaboration between mission groups.  Planning is already underway for the 2016 event.  The EAA moved up their deadline for registration and I have already committed us to a site for 2016.  Registration for the organizations is moving rapidly and I only have 6 tables still open.  The cost is $800 per table but if paid by December 01, 2015 you will receive a $100 discount.  Last year we had to turn away some who wanted to display because we were full.  Don’t Delay!

Something which I have found very rewarding and encouraging is the cooperation I am seeing between missions.  Even if they are not working together they are talking and sharing information and ideas which benefit each other and promote Kingdom work.  A prime example of unselfish sharing came through the donation of an airplane.  Be sure to read the included articles by Kevin Dunn UIMA and Peter Batske MARC.

These organizations are a wonderful example to all of us as we seek to glorify our Lord and be about His work.

Planning is also underway for 2016 Sun N Fun and for our annual conference to be hosted at JAARS.  I am still looking for ideas for conference so send your suggestions for topics you would like to see included for presentations and discussions.  Preliminary thoughts are to include some leadership training and some turbine training along with our regular organizational reports.

Have a blessed Fall and don’t miss out on seeing God working in the little things!

Glen Ferguson