IAMA Today

Today, IAMA finds itself in a very different environment than it did when mission aviation first took flight. Of the many things that have changed, here are just a few: Technology, training costs, equipment costs, economic landscape, political barriers, and American and International cultures.


 In this diverse environment, IAMA aims to be the single place where people go for reliable information in the world of international mission aviation.

 It is our goal to be the link between:

  • Flight schools
  • Maintenance schools
  • Candidates
  • Students
  • Sending organizations
  • Pilots and Mechanics
  • Vendors and sponsors

IAMA is a member-based not-for-profit (501C3) organization consisting of over 50 schools and sending organizations. All of these entities subscribe to our common Statement of Faith and aspire to use our God-given resources to share the love of Christ to the world around us.


It is specifically our purpose to encourage our members in their role in mission aviation by providing networking opportunities, facilitating the preparation of individuals for mission aviation service, and promoting the welfare of members by:

 1) Representing them and acting as a liaison to the general public.

 2) Fund Raising

 3) Providing other services as deemed suitable

 On behalf of the entire IAMA Board, it is a pleasure to serve. JOIN NOW

IAMA History
PlaneFollowing World War II, several American aviators returned to the United States with a desire in their hearts to use aviation in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the globe. 
That desire gave birth to the first mission aviation effort in the United States, known then as Christian Airmen’s Missionary Fellowship (CAMF)..